changing the way we change filters

what is filterbot

FilterBot is a new way to change your home or office air filters. It is an automatic air filter changing accessory with rolling technology that changes the dirty Air Filter on a set schedule lasting up to one year depending on the size.

Why filterbot

Heating and cooling cost account for over 40% of utility costs and sometimes more when the heating and cooling equipment isn't maintained. Clogged or dirty Air filters are one of the leading causes of equipment failures and repairs. When your filter is dirty it requires more energy to pull the air through your heating and cooling ducts and usually results in Frozen AC coil and overheated furnaces. By providing consistent cleaner air on a set schedule with the filterbot you increase savings and extend the life of your equipment.

  • Sturdy design.

  • Reduces strain from blowers, compressors as good filtering leads to good airflow in the room.

  • Quick and Easy assembly with modular product design. (the ends are removable and can be attached as a lego to the main frame).

  • Have a single filter roll that lasts months.

  • Automatic rolling technology to keep the clean side of a filter upfront always. It notifies when the filter is about to change.

  • AC Power and Battery operable.

Development technology

FilterBot uses the latest technology with ease of use in mind keeping it simple and user friendly.

how it works

Simply load the Filterbot with the Filterbot air filter media of choice and select how often you would like it to change. When the filterbot is done you will receive a notification that its time for a new roll.

Product Design

Filterbot is designed with different filter sizes in mind. There are many sizes of home or office filters so we took a modular approach with removable sides to match the filter size required. Mount the filterbot over return grilles in sizes upto 24" by 24". FilterBot is also eye pleasing with a modern look and feel. Give your customers and family a peace of mind, when they see the filterbot they know the air they breathe is consistently filtered.



FilterBot is made from a combination of metal and plastic materials, easy to remove side panels for easy installation and removal of dirty filter media.


Up to 24" by 24"


Varies depending on size



Power Detail

24 volts AC or 120 volts AC

Our mission

Our mission is to provide consistent indoor air quality and reduce energy consumption throughout the world.


When it comes to changing your filter its one of the most forgetful tasks of most home and business owners today. By providing a consistent and automatic way to change your air filter you can reduce maintenance costs and improve indoor air quality. The filterbot is a new way to change your filter on a set schedule protecting your equipment and your indoor air. We are not just changing filters we are changing the world.

Drew Ham




frequently asked Questions

Will it work with my furnace?

Filterbot works with most furnace and AC systems and uses 24 volts from the existing power supply. Call Filterbot to see if its right for you.

Is it easy to install?

We recommend having a certified Heating and Cooling contractor install the Filterbot to ensure it is properly done.

What type of air filter media are there?

Filterbot air filter media is made from
- Fiberglass media
- Polyester media
- Charcoal activated media and more

How often does it change itself ?

Filterbot is designed to change the air filter media on a set schedule that you select. Every 2 weeks, once a month, or as little as two days, its up to you.



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